PeeverConn Group of Companies

PeeverConn Group of Companies is an Abbotsford based organization of people dedicated to providing superior value to our clients and investors at a standard well above the competition.

By “fielding the best team in the league” we aim to achieve higher than average returns while always focusing on protection of principle. Currently we are implementing various unique business strategies within fundamentally strong areas of the Fraser Valley and Central Alberta.

As we continue to provide impeccable asset management through our refined systems, trusting relationships, and commitment to follow through; our investors and clients will truly

"Enjoy Life, Making A Difference"

At PeeverConn Group we are driven by the amazing feeling of having a positive impact in people's lives; from investors and clients to family and friends. Take action now and come along on the incredible journey that will provide you and your family with the lifestyle you deserve.


PeeverConn Group of Companies includes:
Supersuites Rental Properties Supersuites Rental Properties Supersuites Rental Properties